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German expert will deliver lectures and master classes in Andijan

15:45 11.05.2019

On May 10, 2019 the professor-consultant of the University of Munich, Germany, KASCHKA WOLFGANG PETER visited Andijan State Medical Institute. At the invitation of the Department of International Cooperation and Department of Psychiatry and Narcology of ASMI, a guest from Germany was welcomed by the pro-rector on Youth Affairs P.Askhanov and head of the Department of International Cooperation K. Salohiddinov. Thereafter, a hot conversation took place in the  Department of International Cooperation.

Together with the leadership of the institute, the head of the Department of Psychiatry and Narcology, professor M.Agranovsky and the teacher of the Department of Languages, Pedagogy and Psychology D.Igamova took part in the conversation.     Such issues like changes in the institute in recent years, achievements, especially improvement in the field of international cooperation, in particular, planned signing of agreements on opening a joint faculty together with the German medical universities have been discussed.

KASCHKA WOLFGANG PETER, in his turn, said that he would deliver lectures and conduct workshops on Psychiatry for 20 days, in accordance with the mutual agreement, and also expressed his readiness to provide patients with advice and recommendations in the psychoneurological clinic.

According to the agreement, a leading German specialist will give lectures and master classes for the 5th year students of ASMI, students of Master’s program and clinical interns during one cycle – i.e. 20 days.