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10:51 13.06.2019

On June 12-13, graduates of 25 specialties studying at the master degree program of Andijan State Medical Institute passed final state attestation on specialty subjects. The rector of the Institute, Professor Madazimov M.M opened the attestation board meeting and made a report about great attention to the reforms being carried out in the republic in improving the quality of medical education.

Particularly, in Andijan State Medical Institute, the graduates of the master`s degree program, mastered the scientific, pedagogical and practical knowledge on their specialty, foreign languages and informative technology.

He wished to 53 graduates of ASMI successfully pass the final state certification and all the specialists in the future they will become specialists who will work hard and honestly serve the people.

Therefore, the chairman of final state attestation committee, professor of the department of obstetrics and gynecology of Tashkent pediatric medical institute Sh.Zufarova made a speech and congradulated the holders of the master`s degree program with successfully completion of 3 year study and passing the final state attestation, being allowed to the defend the dissertations and wished to graduates to be the best specialists in the field and pass the attestation with good results.

The final state attestation examinations and defense of master dissertations were conducted with discussions and fair, honest and objectively.