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Holiday Greeting By the rector of Andijan State Medical Institute M.M. Madazimov on the occasion of celebrating January 14 – the Day of Defenders of the Motherland

18:14 14.01.2020

Dear teachers, dear colleagues, defenders of the Motherland!
Homeland is sacred to all of us, so it is an honorable duty for all of us to defend it.  Every young man and woman who stands in defense of the Motherland is always in the honor of our nation.
Medical workers and military personnel are always considered to be co-workers.  In any case, doctors stand together with the military personnel- officers and soldiers.  It is also a great honor for the graduates of the Medical Institute to receive the rank of officers.  Our physicians standing in the uniform are our pride.
Dear Guardians of the Motherland, who protect the independence of our country and peaceful life of the people day and night, our brave sons!  I sincerely congratulate you on the 14th of January – the Day of Motherland Defenders!
We appreciate you for being unanimous, united, strong and confident.  We wish you happiness and success, good health, strength and endurance in your honorable and responsible work to fulfill your sacred duty to the Motherland and the people.
We are always proud that our  homeland is in the hands of our trustworthy, strong and brave defenders!
Defenders of the Motherland!  Stay healthy for the prosperity of Uzbekistan, our people, your family, your loved ones!
Happy Holidays!