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Humanity is – the main goal of Islam  

12:53 29.01.2019

At the conference hall of ASMI by the Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment and Gifted Youth Affairs held a discussion on «Peace is the great gift» and «There is no place for extremism and terrorism in Islam».
The round table discussion was opened by pro-rector on Academic Affairs A.Arzikulov, who introduced to the guests about the aims of the event.
At the round table discussion the Deputy imams of the region, M.Muminov and Sh.Shamsutdinov, senior teacher of the Department of The theory and practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan of Andijan State University Z.Hayitmatov spoke about the importance of peace and tranquility to propagate the religion of Islam, to propagate the religion of Islam  purely, to discourage the supporters of corruption and cruelty,  to fight for the  spirituality and enlightenment .
 Representative from  Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education , Shavkat Turaev  also participated in the roundtable discussion on religious education. At the end of the meeting , the students get necessary  answers for their  questions about religious issues .