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10:02 22.07.2019

My opinion

From the first days of Independence in our country, a great attention has been paid to every sphere. This has led to a tremendous shift in education. Today, Uzbekistan has gained momentum in all areas. In Andijan state medical institute positive changes are taking place in the system of education as well. The institute creates all conditions for the students to study.
I graduated from Andijan state medical institute in 2013. During my student years, I gained many achievements with the knowledge that my teachers gave me. I took an active part in all events organized by the Institute. In 2010, I received the award “Best Student of the Year” and was awarded with medals and certificates. I was a winner of Zulfiya State Prize for science. During the period from  2010 to 2011, I was a chairman of the “Gifted girls club” at the Women’s Committee of the regional khakimiyat. In 2011 I became a laureate of the state scholarship named after lbn Sina and was given a privilege to become a student of Master’s program. All of this is a result of my knowledge that my teachers gave me, the result of my continuous researches.
I do not want to boast with my achievements. I believe that all success I have achieved is due to I used effectively the opportunities created at our institute. Some negative views about our institute in the social network today caused me to write  this article. It was stated there that the form of education at Andijan state medical institute is old and immobilized. The system of education in the period I studied is  quite different than present-day. For example, today our students get 50% theory and 50% practice. They are involved to practical training already in the 1st year.
The unique simulation center in Central Asia was also created firstly at Andijan State Medical Institute. This center gives opportunity to use theoretical knowledge gained by students in practice. Thanks to the proper organization of the education system in our institute, our students nowadays take honorable places in the international Olympiads.
In 2019 our students’ team took the 1st place in the III international Olympiad on first aid under the slogan “Spasi i Sokhrani (Save and Help)” held in Dagestan State Medical University of Russian Federation, also our students took the 2nd place in the International Olympiad in Normal Physiology held at Stavropol state medical university, in the International Olympiad on Surgery and Morphology held in Kazakhstan national medical university in Almaty city of Kazakhstan Republic they took the 3rd place and defended the honor of the institute.
Our Professors and teachers upgrade their professional skills in the leading foreign medical educational institutions. Today it’s impossible to count all the achievements of our students.
Students improve their knowledge and skills in the rooms with all necessary conditions created at the level of contemporary requirements.
We are proud of the famous scientists, experienced specialists who graduated from Andijan state medical institute and now work in the leading foreign and republican medical institutions, medical centers and research institutes.
I am proud that I studied at Andijan state medical institute and became a doctor as well as of my teachers who gave me deep knowledge.
Like every doctor I have a common objective. People shouldn’t be ill, they should always be healthy. And we, doctors, will only concentrate all our know-how and strength on their health protection and prevention of diseases.

Gulhayo Kholmatova,

the assistant of the department of Hospital Therapy.