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I became a student!

16:43 05.09.2019

Celebrations of the 28th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan are being held in every corner of the country, in enterprises, organizations and educational institutions. Andijan State Medical Institute is also in festive mood.

On September 4, 2019 the main building of the Institute became more beautiful and festive. One can see laughter in the face of the teachers and students, they accept congratulations on the new academic year. The excitement in the hearts of freshmen who have entered the institute is particularly evident in the bold move, as if they’re saying «I became a student!» The ceremony of welcoming the first-year students of the Institute added joy to the hearts. Rector of the Institute, Professor Madaminjon Madazimov, congratulating the participants and the 1st year students with the new academic year, noted the achievements of the institute team in the past academic year. He proudly stated that the students: Husnigul Muhtorjonova won Zulfia State Prize, the student of Therapeutic faculty Abdurashid Rustamjonov won Ibn Sina state scholarship, the student of Pediatric faculty Gulmira Inomova awarded Islam Karimov state scholarship, the student of Therapeutic faculty Mehrinoz Komilova received the scholarship of the Association of Physicians of Uzbekistan.

Speaking at the festive event, Professor Zuhriddin Salohiddinov pointed out that young people who enjoy of becoming students have a responsibility to fulfill their medical duties. He emphasized the need for diligent training and diligence in their profession to fulfill honorable duties.

Employees of the regional health department and regional fire safety department also took part in the festive event dedicated to the beginning of the new academic year.

Gifted students of the institute – the winners of Republican and International subject Olympiads – demonstrated their skills and knowledge in their chosen specialty. The dance «Andijan Polka», performed by talented students of the institute, encouraged everybody to dance.

Vice-rector of the Institute Abdupatto Askhanov led the students to the classrooms after introducing the first-year students with group leaders.

According to the tradition, the first lesson of the new academic year was the Independence Lesson. In the spacious lecture halls of the Institute and in the Conference hall of the Institute honorable mentors and professors of the Institute delivered lectures on the reforms carried out to reinforce our independence, which was the dream of our ancestors, they spoke about the attention paid to the youth of our country, important tasks facing the students.

We hope that the first day of the students, who proudly entered ASMI, saying “I became a student!” will be full of memorable moments.

We wish you great success, dear students!