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In ASMI was conducted on-line lecture

17:44 28.03.2019

On March 28,2019 in the conference hall of ASMI the professor of the department of “Human Anatomy”,the dean of the therapeutic faculty  Ragimov Razin Mirzekerimovich conducted on-line videolecture in participation with the professors and teachers, holders of the master degree as well as 1st year students.

The videolecture was delivered by the  professor R. Ragimov on “Anatomy of the respiratory system”. At the lecture he explained the scientific observation of the nervous system, the diseases occurred in the respiratory system and the ways to prevent them.

During the lecture the professors and teachers of the department of Anatomy, Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy actively participated to the lecture and held a debate with the specialists from Dagestan.
The participation got the necessary knowledge and skills as well as got acquainted with the newest information about the topic.