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In-depth medical examination continues

13:25 27.06.2020

To further improve the quality of qualified medical services to the population, to increase the quality and efficiency of primary health care,  to strengthen the reproductive health of the population as well as to cover them with patronage and preventive examinations the teachers and professors of ASMI continues their work.

In order to provide qualified medical services to the population of Sokh district of Fergana region, the specialists of second working groupof Andijanstate medical institutedoctor of medical sciences docent O.A.Yakubova, doctor of medical sciences, docent R.N.Yuldashev, A.G.Arzibekov,Sh.U.Usmanov,senior lecturer R.K.Kamoldinov works.Specialists are conducting an in-depth medical examination of the population in the district central hospital, 2 RFP and 5 RMC.

The homes of vulnerable people with disabilities and low-income families were examined and provided with the necessary medical care.

Department of Therapeutic work (practice)