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Meet, the winner of the Republican Science Olympiad : Sherzodbek Yusibjanov

15:01 30.06.2020

Sherzodbek Yusibjanov is a student of the  group 105of Professional Education direction at the Faculty of Therapy of Andijan State Medical Institute.
From the day of admission to the institute he is a member of the scientific circle organized at the Department of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy. He is a member of the circle «Students’ Scientific Society».
Sherzodbek is carrying out research on «Anthropometry» under the supervision of his scientific advisor Sh.S.Akhmedov and his group teacher, docent R.L. Ubaydullaev.

Student Sh. Yusibjanov is distinguished by his diligence and aspiration. That’s why he took the first place in the Republican Science Olympiad, which was held online this year.
We wish our talented student Sh. Yusibjanov even greater success.

  Department of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy of ASMI