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Online "Graduation Party'' at Andijan State Medical Institute

09:10 03.07.2020

The online graduation party was lead by P.Kh. Askhanov, Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the graduation event, which was held remotely by online, started with the National Anthem of Uzbekistan.

After that, the floor was given to the rector of the institute M. M. Madazimov.

In his congratulatory speech, the rector spoke about the honor of teaching, the responsibility of medicine, the achievements of the graduates of the institute and wished good luck to the graduates.

In the academic year 2019/2020, a total of 908 graduates are graduating from Andijan State Medical Institute.  Of these, 544 are bachelors, 95 are Master students and 269 are graduates of clinical residency.  At the solemn event, the order of the graduates on the directions and the «Doctor’s Oath» was read by the dean of the faculty of Therapy B.Yu. Mamatov.  The graduates took the oath in a loud voice.

The Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs sincerely congratulated the graduates on being awarded the honorary title of “Doctor”.

After that, the head of the 1st Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, PhD  D. B. Asronkulova congratulated all the graduates.  Azizbek Olimov, a 6th year student of the  faculty of Therapy, the parents R.Burhoniddinov, P.T.Mamajonova, on behalf of all the parents, also expressed their condolences to the graduates of the medical profession, who are entering the independent life.

During the event, a charming song was sung in honor of the doctors.

The graduation event was concluded with all participants wishing the graduates success in their future endeavors.

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