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Presentation of creative students

15:53 30.11.2019

On the initiative of the department of Medical Biology and Histology of Andijan State Medical Institute a conference on «The role of biology in medical education system» was held under the slogan «Five important initiatives – the future of tomorrow».

The conference was attended by A. Sultanov, Head of Andijan Regional Department of Information and Mass Communication Agency under the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan, N.Ikramov, head of the editorial board of the newspaper “Andijonnoma”, pupils of the School of Art named after Muhammad Yusuf.

The guests noted that the essence of the five important initiatives put forward by the President of the country is aimed at educating a perfect person, instilling a love of books, literature and art, the goodness of the person, developing creative approach to each work.

A journalist and poet N.Ikramov and poet girls from the School of Art named after Muhammad Yusuf recite new poems about motherhood, youth and love, as well as samples from the works of M.Yusuf to the conference participants.

Creative students performed dances and songs. After that, presentations were made on the topic “The role of biology in medical education”. The presentations of students, who made good use of information technology in covering the topic, were welcomed.

At the conference on “The role of biology in the medical education system”, students not only demonstrated their knowledge in medicine, but also demonstrated their skills in literature, art and information technology.

Information service of ASMI

Translated by N.Mamatova