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Roundtable dialogue on "Prevention of distribution of narcotic drugs among youth” was held

15:20 06.02.2019

On February 6, 2019 in Andijan State Medical Institute was held a roundtable dialogue on   «Prevention of distribution of narcotic drugs among youth».
The event was opened by pro-rector on Scientific Affairs and Innovations G.Hodjimatov and introduced the guests.

Specialist of the National Information-Analytical Center on Drug Control under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan S.Jabbarov spoke about the drug drug abuse and its consequences, the preventive measures taken in the country, as well as the received information.

The aim of preventive measures is to eliminate drug delinquency and encourage students to be be alert and cautious  never be mistaken in the path they have chosen.
Then the responsible secretary of the regional administration, J.Mansurov, spoke about the drug-related offenses.
Then the Deputy Head of the Department of Internal Affairs A.Imyaminov told the students about the negative impact of the drug on human health and stressed the need to fight against drug addiction.

K.Abdurahmonov, an employee of the department of Narcobusiness Unit of Andijan Regional Department of Internal Affairs,  on the drug trafficking, especially among some young people, and provided information on this issue.
During the event, the head of the  ECD of Internal Affairs Department, Major Sh. Kadirov, informed about the drug trafficking and medical products, their illicit trafficking, preventing young people from being indifferent, and to be active in promoting information.

At the roundtable discussion, the narcologist of the Regional Narcology Department Sh.Turakulov and other specialists answered all the questions of the students.

At last, the students were shown a video of drug addiction, drug trafficking offenses, their negative consequences.