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Scientific and practical conference with participation of foreign scientists was held at the highest level

16:13 08.06.2019

On June 8, 2019, the Republican Scientific and Practical Conference «Prophylactics Medicine: Today and Tomorrow» divided into four sections which was held in Andijan at the conference hall of

Andijan State Medical Institute, at the lecture hall of clinic of ASMI ,»Diyor» private hospital and «Hamkor» business center in following directions – maternity and childhood, internal and surgical diseases, and medical and biological directions.

Professor E.Jumaboev, professor in the field of Surgery, Kh.Tursunov – professor in the filed internal directions, professor D. Asrankulova in the direction of motherhood and childhood, docent Z.Kakharov in medical biological direction, delivered lecture in actual topics.

In addition, master classes were held at the clinics of ASMI, at the neurosurgical Department, at the Departments of the Institute, the private clinic «Diyor» and Scientific and Practical Center with the participation of experienced foreign experts.

Professors and teachers of the institute, surgeon, traumatologist, gynecologist, neurosurgeon, nephrologist, oncologist, anesthesiologist-reanimatologist, neurologist and urologist, base doctoral students, independent researchers, young scientists and masters participated in the lectures and master classes. Many new innovative projects and presentations were presented to them.

Within the prestigious conference, a partnership agreement was signed between Andijan State Medical Institute and Belostok Medical University in Poland as well as memorandum between Almaty National Medical University of Kazakhstan.

The Republican scientific and practical conference has been successfully completed.

At the end of the conference, proposals and comments were made on topical issues and a resolution was adopted. All participants were given certificates.