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Shukronalik events in Andijan State Medical Institute

14:14 11.01.2021

After the end of the winter holidays at Andijan State Medical Institute, students continue to study. According to tradition, the l «Shukronalik» event organized by the Department of Pathological Physiology took place in the main building of the Institute. The head of this department, Sh.Kh. Khamrokulov, congratulated everyone on the coming New Year and explained the importance of following quarantine measures.

In the clinic of the institute, the  «Shukronalik» event  was conducted by the Department of Neurology.
Ulugbek Karimov, deputy dean of the Therapeutic  faculty on  work with youth, stressed in his speech that we should value health and be grateful to the peaceful sky overhead.

Responsible for the academic work of the Department of Neurology O.B. Kuchkarova and assistant of the department N.I. Rakhmatullaeva acquainted the audience with news from all over the world as well as made a speech on  “What should be a spiritually developed student?”.

At the end of the event, acting Dean of the Faculty of Medicine L. Aliev acquainted the students with the internal regulations of the institute and wished everyone success.

The  «Shukronalik» event on these topics was also held in the 2nd educational building, which was conducted by the Department of the Uzbek language and literature