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Sports-loving youth of the mahallas at Andijan State Medical Institute

13:47 10.12.2020

Professors and teachers of Andijan State Medical Institute are conducting work to improve the health of the population, promote a healthy lifestyle and popularize sports.

In order to attract the population, including non-organized youth, to sports, the team of the institute has created all conditions for sports-loving youth of the mahallas in the gym of the dormitory of the institute and organized various sports competitions. Today, the youth of the mahallas “Ahmad Yassavi”, “Sanoat” and “Namuna” of Andijan competed in weightlifting and table tennis.

The teachers of the faculty of physical education of the institute Z.Abdullaeva, A.Tuychiev, B.Khalilov observed and evaluated the competitions, which took place with great interest and foresight of the youth.
The young people who took part in the interesting sports competitions thanked the administration of the institute and decided to go in for sports on a regular basis.

 ASMI, information service