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15:36 09.01.2019

At the conference hall of Andijan State Medical Institute was conducted a meeting with the pro-rectors, heads of departments, professors and teachers, clinical interns and holders of master degree. The meeting was conducted  by pro-rector on Academic affairs and innovations G. Hodjimatov.

In order to implement the Resolution of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PR-2909 dated  April 20, 2017, about «Measures for further development of higher education system»  the meeting was dedicated to the training and retraining of professors and teachers of higher education institutions in abroad, organize doctoral studies and master`s degree program for young people.

At the meeting, the  participants received training and were selected on the basis of the requirements of candidates who will be sent abroad for internships, master`s degree program and doctoral studies through the Foundation «El-Yurt Umidi” under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and also discussed the formation of a working group on the basis of legal requirements and the provision of documents to the main Scientific and Methodological Center of Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education. Tasks were identified and handed over to responsible employees.