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13:16 24.06.2019

A traditional event has been organized at the Military Department of Andijan State Medical Institute. The graduate cadets took the military oath.

The ceremony was opened by the head of the military department of the institute, the medical service colonel A.Nasriddinov. He ordered the cadets to take the military oath. After that, exciting and memorable moments began. 46 cadets, who successfully completed the training course of the military department, took the oath one by one.

The teachers, parents and their relatives, who were watching the ceremony, seeing their physically and spiritually mature, devotees to their homeland children, were delighted and grateful in their hearts. Every our compatriots, accompanying the ceremony, shared their happiness.

After the oath, the head of the department congratulated all cadets with the fact that they received the title of lieutenant. During the event, the vice-rector for Youth Affairs P.Askhanov, the vice- rector for Academic Affairs, professor A.Arzikulov, sincerely congratulated the cadets and their parents on receiving the rank of lieutenant. Congratulations from parents, teachers and cadets were heard throughout the process.

The teacher of the military department B.Razzakov read the order of the rector of ASMI on awarding the teachers and cadets, who studied and worked effectively in the military department during 2018-2019 academic year.  Based on this, a group of active teachers and cadets was awarded diplomas and valuable prizes.

At the end of the event an art program was held, where the performance of the “Ulfatlar” group, consisting of activists of the Youth Union of the Institute and the dance “Andijan Polka” performed by the students-dancers, gave all the participants a unique sense of joy.

All participants congratulated the cadets and  each other and the solemn event was ended.