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19:30 04.02.2020

Reforms in the education system of our country partnership between schools and institutes are essential for young people to become full-fledged adults. The academic lyceum at Andijan State Medical Institute is designed to attract students to higher education, as well as to familiarize them with the ongoing reforms in the country, to educate them in the spirit of patriotism, to promote professionalism, and to prevent them from being influenced by various religious movements. Students of the 103rd group under the guidance of the teacher of biology N.Rozikova visited Andijan State Medical Institute.
Therefore, the students accompanied by the deputy dean of the Therapeutic faculty U.Karimov, got acquainted with the reading rooms, museums, the simulation training center of the Institute, and the lecture halls.

The students of the academic lyceum were particularly interested in the practical exercises in the simulation training center and received adequate answers from experts and students about the Institute and the medical profession.

At the end of the visit, students of the academic lyceum of  Andijan State Medical Institute thanked the staff of the Institute.

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