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The partnership of family-school-mahalla-higher education continues

10:47 22.01.2020

Collaboration between schools and higher education institutions is important for the development of young people as individuals. Cooperation between Andijan State Medical Institute and schools, which began in 2019, continues. On January 21, 2020, students of the 11th grade of the comprehensive school 19 of Khojaabad district visited the Institute under the leadership of the leading psychologist of the school Bakhtiyorjon Sultanov, psychologist Elyorbek Turakhanov, and the leader of the Youth Union Saidbek Arimjonov.

Guests of the Institute were warmly welcomed by the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Therapy U. Karimov. The purpose of the visit is to involve young people in higher education as well as to educate them in the spirit of patriotism, to spend their leisure time meaningfully, to promote professionalism and to avoid being influenced by various religious movements.

The staff of the Institute thanked the guests for their visit and expressed their readiness to provide support to young people who are dreaming of becoming doctors. After that, the students learned about the history of the institute, the educational process and the conditions created for students. They got acquainted with the Institute’s Simulation Training Center, museums, received sufficient answers from experts and students about the institute and medical profession.

On the same day, a group of graduating pupils from the 23rd school of Asaka visited the institute under the guidance of school psychologist Elbek Khojirasulov, history teacher Inomjon Rasulov and school nurse Mavluda Hayitova. The pupils of this school also got great impressions from the institute.

Information service of ASMI

Translated by N.Mamatova