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The professor of Yonsey University Keun Woo Lee visited Andijan State Medical Institute

13:24 10.05.2019

On May 10, 2019 the professor at Dentistry School at Yonsey University in Seoul, South Korea, Keun Woo Lee, visited Andijan State Medical Institute. The guest was warmly welcomed by the institute officials, the staff of the faculty of dentistry and students.

In the department of International Cooperation there was held an interesting and friendly conversation between the vice-rector for Youth Affairs P.Askhanov, the head of the department K.Salohiddinov, the dean of the faculty of dentistry D.Tulanov and the professor Keun Woo Lee. The conversation was on the international cooperation between Korean universities and ASMI, as well as the current educational process at the dentistry faculty of ASMI and future plans.

During the meeting, professor Keun Woo Lee gave information on the study process at Yonsey University, particularly at the Dentistry School. He expressed his warm and sincere opinions on the present beautiful landscape of Andijan, his awareness of the present-day authority and potential of ASMI. He also expressed his satisfaction with the visit and said «Our mutual cooperation, exchange of ideas and exchange of experiences, will help us to achieve our goals in the future.»

After that, the Korean guest got acquainted with the conditions of the institute simulation training center, students’ practice process and exhibits at the institute museum.

In the conference hall of the institute he met with the professors and teachers, students of the Faculty of Dentistry and delivered a lecture.

Professor Keun Woo Lee will stay at the institute for several days, will give lectures, conduct master classes and cycle courses.

Professor Ken Vu Li yaqin bir necha kun davomida institutda bo‘lib, tashrif doirasida ma’ruzalar o‘qiydi, mahorat darslari va sikl  mashg‘ulotlarini olib boradi.