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The Republican scientific satellite of pediatricians in Andijan

16:19 13.09.2019

At the conference hall of the hotel «Bogishamol» in Andijan was held the Republican scientific satellite of pediatricians. Scientific-practical conference was conducted by the head of the department of pediatrics and neonatology B.B.Inakova. The conference is devoted to the actual problems of pediatrics, including Professor F.M.Shamsiyev, head of the pulmonology department of the Republican Specialized Research Institute of Pediatrics, professor of the National Research Center for Child Health of the Russian Federation M.D.Bakradze, leading pediatricians from Andijan, Fergana, Namangan, professors and teachers of the departments of Pediatrics and Neonatology, Pediatrics, Hospital Pediatrics, Propaedeutics of Children Diseases and Polyclinic pediatrics of Andijan State Medical Institute.

At the satellite widely discussed the modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of bronchial-lung diseases among children, clinical recommendations of international and Russian scientists in the treatment of hyperthermic and pain syndromes and other pressing issues.

The results of cooperation established between ASMI and the higher educational institutions of Russian will contain online conferences, remote lectures, master classes, comments on the effectiveness and prospects of research activities, comprehensive international cooperation.   At the end of the Republican Scientific satellite of Pediatricians the participants thanked the Russian scientist for his visit and scientific cooperation.



Senior teacher of the

Department of Facultative Pediatrics and Neonatology,ASMI