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18:06 04.02.2019

On 2-4 February 2019, a qualified doctor Pradhan Aditya Ashok from New-Deli, doctor Rajesh Verma from the  BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New-Deli, India visited the Departments of Pediatric Surgery, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, and the Department of Pediatric Surgery of Advanced Training and Retraining of General Practitioners, Pediatric Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Anesthesiology-Reanimatology and Emergency Care, Hospital and Pediatrics Emergency.

During the visit, the qualified specialists Dr. Pradhan Aditya Ashok, delived a lecture and conducted a master class on «Methods of modern laparoscopic removal of congenital defects of urinary tract in children, kidney transplantation, inflammatory diseases of the spinal cord in children» to the clinical interns, holders of the master degree and to the groups 528-529-530, 5th year students of Therapeutic faculty.

Doctor Rajesh Verma delivered a lecture and conducted a master class to the clinical interns of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics, as well as groups 605-606-607-608 students of the Pediatric faculty on  «Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of congenital and hereditary nephritis in children»

Doctor  Pradhan Aditya Ashok and Doctor Rajesh Verma examined the patients treating at the department of Urology, Nephrology  of Andijan State Medical Institute and gave them the necessary  recommendations. At last doctors examined patients from «Farm Standard Lux» LLC.