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Those who choose the profession of a doctor should always improve their knowledge and skills

15:34 17.01.2020

The next open dialogue between the leadership of the insight and the 5th year students took place. The vice-rector for youth affairs P.Kh. Askhanov, dean of the faculty of Therapy B. Mamatov, deputy deans Z. Kosimov and U. Karimov took part in the meeting, which was held in the 2-lecture hall of the institute.
During the meeting, the Vice-Rector emphasized the importance of valuing the peace and tranquility of our country and urged young people who chose the profession of a doctor to study well, not be afraid of difficulties, constantly improve their skills and be sincere with patients.

After this, P.Kh. Askhanov familiarized the students with the news of the educational process and said that for excellent studies while mastering the profession of a doctor at the institute all the necessary conditions have been created – this is a simulation center, an information and resource center where there are all the necessary literature.
Also, the meeting talked about the results of the meeting of the President of Uzbekistan Sh. Mirziyoyev with youth activists, held on December 27, 2019, which discussed the issues of improving the effectiveness of educational work among youth and creating additional conditions for the development of youth.
Students expressed gratitude for the conversation.