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Webinar on the topic: "Antenatal diognosis of congenital malformations" was held

11:11 20.05.2019

On May 16, 2019, a webinar  was held with the participation of professorial-teaching staff holdeers of Master’sdegree , clinical residents of the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Anesthesiology and Resuscitation of ASMI and Pediatric Surgery of the Russian National Research Medical University on the topic “Antenatal diagnosis of congenital malformations”.  As part of the webinar, a professor of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, RNRMU, Head of the Department of Neonatal and Intensive Care, Research Institute of Surgery of Children’s Age and Emergency States of the RNRMU, MD Mokrushina Olga Gennadievna  delivered a lecture.

The moderators were MD.  Toshboev Sh.O.  from the department  of Pediatric surgery of ASMI and associate professor Stepanenko N.O.  from the department of RNIMU.  On the questions asked in the online mode received detailed answers.