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“Youth Festival” at Andijan State Medical Institute

08:59 23.09.2019

Youth societies are always full of songs, joy and dances. The smiling faces of our youth bring joy to our hearts. The Youth Festival under the motto “My dear Uzbekistan, live forever!”, held in the dormitory of Andijan State Medical Institute within the framework of 5 initiatives put forward by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was also full of fun for our youth. The sounds of trumpets and flutes have urged everyone to the festival – the Youth Festival.

Representatives of the regional khakimiyat, public organizations, representatives of mahalla citizens’ gatherings, professors, teachers and students of higher education institutions of the region participated in the Youth Festival organized by the team of ASMI.

Rector of the Institute Madaminjon Madazimov opened the Youth Festival, held under the slogan «My dear Uzbekistan, live forever!» M.Madazimov spoke on the essence and significance of five important initiatives, put forward by President of the country Shavkat Mirziyoev, directed to support talented youth, he dwelled on the work carried out by the institute team, the curriculum for the new 2019-2020 academic year to implement work in this area as well as spiritual and educational activities. “A doctor must not only know the secrets of medicine, he must know the secrets of literature and art and be able to set a good example for his patient,” said M. Madazimov.

Speaking at the festival, the head of secretariat of the regional khakimiyat Azizbek Mirkamilov noted that along with the achievements of the students of Andijan State Medical Institute in the field of science, their creative achievements also delight our compatriots.

After the opening ceremony of the festival, competitions and discussions on 5 key initiatives – literature, art, sports, information technology and reading, as well as skills for mastering the profession were held between the institute’s faculties.

Exhibitions of young scientists and students of the Institute on scientific and innovative development, performances on the skills of chosen profession were watched with great interest by the participants of the festival.

At the exhibition of national and contemporary costumes we found out that our student-girls are good dressmakers and in the competition «The Best Cook» everyone enjoyed delicious dishes prepared by them.

It should be noted that the “Book Fair”, prepared by the Information Resource Center of the Institute, attracted all festival participants. The jury praised the staging prepared by talented students based on the works of Abdullah Kadiri. The festival also included contests on table tennis, chess, volleyball and rowing. Sport competitions have shown that future physicians really love sports.

The age of information technologies requires all of us to make good use of computer technology. Students, who are well versed in computer technology, competed in making videos to highlight the festival activity. The jury recommended the best videos to be posted on the institute’s website.

At the festival the students of the medical institute also competed on singing, playing national and pop instruments and acting.

Each contest was full of heated debate. Each student had the opportunity to show their talents and abilities, and each participant was extremely pleased. That was the goal of the festival. Nevertheless, the winner must be determined by the terms of the competition, and on the basis of the judgments and calculations of the judges, the winners have been determined.  The winners were awarded with diplomas, certificates and memorable gifts by the administration of the institute and the trade union committee on different directions: painting, cooking, sports, literature and art, theater.

Youth festival under the motto “My dear Uzbekistan, live forever!” has become a truly youthful celebration. And on the holiday everyone was full of joy and a good mood. At the end of the holiday, according to the ancient Uzbek tradition, all participants were served plov made by talented chefs from the faculties.

We hope the impressions of the festival will live in the hearts of the participants for a long time. The baton of the Youth Festival was taken by the team of Andijan State University.This means that the Youth Festival in Andijan will continue.

Odiljon Karimov, D.Sultanova,

Information Service of ASMI

Translated by N.Mamatova