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An open dialogue between employers and graduates

16:37 08.01.2020

Uzbekistan is a country of youth. Our government, and the President personally, pay great attention to the fate of every young citizen. At the meeting of the President with youth activists held on December 27, 2019, a number of tasks were noted to strengthen measures for the comprehensive support of youth. The fulfillment of these tasks will undoubtedly help to educate highly developed personalities who will contribute to the development of our country.

Employment of graduates of higher educational institutions is the main factor that will help each graduate to find their place in life. To this end, a meeting of graduates of the undergraduate program, Master’s program and Clinical Residency of Andijan State Medical Institute was held with the participation of responsible representatives of healthcare management institutions. The meeting was opened by the rector of the institute, professor M.M. Madazimov. He spoke about the important reforms that are being carried out in our country in the field of medicine and health.

It is especially worth noting that for the preparation of highly qualified personnel, the state allocates huge funds from the state and local budgets, thanks to which a simulation training center was created at the institute to improve students’ practical skills. After that, the rector introduced the guests.

Then the floor was given to the head of the regional health department Avazbek Abdurakhmanov and he gave the necessary information about the vacancies of medical institutions in the region, about the need for specialists of narrow profile and GP, about the possibilities of the private sector, about the training of specialists according to the tradition of “Mentor – Successor”.

At the end of the meeting, graduates received the necessary information on all questions of interest.

The meeting was attended by deans of faculties and the head of the Marketing department A.Ziyaev.

Information service of ASMI

 Translated by N.Mamatova