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Andijan State Medical Institute has every opportunity for foreign students living in the hostel during the holidays to prevent the spread of coronavirus

09:10 07.04.2020

Nowadays, 8 foreign students live in the hostel of Andijan State Medical Institute due to holiday. They are housed in 6 rooms. Foreign students living in the hostel during the holidays are fully provided with the necessary food, hygiene and the necessary first-aid kits.

Special attention is paid to constant supply of products such as masks, antiseptic gel, thermometer, wet wipes, and soaps.  In accordance with the procedures established by labor legislation, a responsible representative among the teaching staff of the institute was appointed to constantly monitor each hostel.

At the hostel there are 2 medical rooms with 2 doctors and 2 nurses on duty and their health are under constant control. For foreign students there are 4 well-equipped rooms with 5 TVs and DVD players, laptops or other media for having rest.

24 hours in a day the students can use WI-FI for free. The library of the hostel is also at the service of students and has more than 100 textbooks and literature. Online communication between professors and students is organized every day at the appointed time.

The Telegram channel has a separate group called ASMI Students, where organized online classes are on a schedule basis for all subjects. In addition, online quizzes and intellectual games are held. Disinfection works were carried out in buildings were foreign students live.

International students are provided with the necessary items by the staff of the institute so that they do not leave the dormitory. Students have their own national games to make their days fun.