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Andijan State Medical Institute was included in the world citation rating

09:42 27.07.2020

Andijan State Medical Institute took 2819 place among 30,000 leading universities in the world in terms of transparency and scientific openness of universities among universities («Openness») WEBOMETRICS: TOP UNIVERSITIES BY GOOGLE SCHOLAR CITATIONS from one of the most authoritative researchers in this field – the Spanish laboratory Webometriccs.  Tenth Edition (July 2020, version 10.1.1)
Webometrics Ranking: Ranking Web of Universities has long and deservedly taken its place among such globally recognized studies as Times Higher Education, QS World University Rankings and Academic Ranking of World Universities (better known as Shanghai Ranking)
The uniqueness of the ratings from the Webometrics Cyber ​​Research Laboratory is in their focus on the realities of the 21st century, namely, on the presence of universities on the Internet.  As they say now: «If you are not on the Internet, you are nowhere.»
Since this year, the laboratory in its global research – Ranking Web of Universities, covers more than 30,000 universities around the world.  These universities were included in the new special Transparent ranking: TOP Universities by Google Scholar Citations, which is based on ranking the institutional profiles of scientists in the Google Scholar Citations scientific search system.  The more citations of publications of scientists of a particular university, the higher the rating of this organization.  The more links to these publications, the better the position of the university.  Data is valid only at the time of collection (around 5-18 July 2020).  This version only consists of Top records (quotes> 1000), about 3 800 institutions
In the middle of this year, the scientific works of ASMI scientists were cited 5408 times, which allowed the institute to take 2819 position in the world and 1st place among 13 Uzbek universities included in the TOP.  It is worth noting that the results of this rating of transparency and scientific openness of universities, according to the Webometrics laboratory, will be taken into account in the upcoming Webometrics ranking – Ranking Web of Universities, which includes 4 indicators.
Together with I-EDU GROUP LLC, an electronic platform and an integrated website for the Google Academy (Google Scholar Citations) were created.  https://arxiv.adti.uz/, the profile of teachers has been formed according to the requirements of Webometrics: Ranking Web of Universities.