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Conducted discussion on the topic “Youth – supporter of a healthy lifestyle”

17:12 09.04.2019

In the conference hall of the Andijan State Medical Institute, a roundtable discussions titled «Youth – supporter of healthy lifestyle» was held. Proceeding of the roundtable discussions was opened by pro-rector on work with youth P.Askhanov and he talked about factors of healthy lifestyle.

During the roundtable discussions the prosecutor of Andijan Regional Prosecutor’s Office Behzodbek Payziboev, Imam of “Eski gumbaz” Mosque of Andijan city Bakhodir Ruzibaev, Head of Andijan Municipal Research Center «Oila» Habiba Jurabekova, Senior Specialist of Andijan Regional Department of Republican Spirituality and Enlightenment Center Utkirbek Rakhmatov spoke about healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition, healthy environment, reproductive health and harmful habits, as well as promoting healthy lifestyle among the population as doctors.

At the end of the roundtable discussions the students received answers for their questions from the experts.