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Employees of the Department of Pediatric Surgery in sports competitions

18:21 18.12.2019

To cure a patient, the doctor must be an example in everything. If the doctor takes care of his health, he regularly goes in for sports. the patient will follow his recommendations and recover faster. This is known to all of us. Adhering to this principle, the staff of the Department of Pediatric Surgery decided to regularly engage in physical education and sports.

Professors and teachers headed by the head of the department, docent B. Mirzakarimov arranged competitions in the gym of the institute.

First, a basketball game was held, which helped to warm up. After that, sports fans played several games of table tennis.

The fights between the chess players lasted the longest, since there were many people interested in this sport.

Employees of the Department of Pediatric Surgery of Andijan State Medical Institute promised to prepare better for the next competitions.

Translated by N.Mamatova