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Guests from Pakistan in Andijan State Medical Institute

15:35 26.09.2019

Each country pays attention to students studying at prestigious foreign universities. This is useful for both countries.

Developing in every area, Pakistan is currently pursuing student exchanges with countries such as Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Representatives from Islamabad, Pakistan have visited Andijan State Medical Institute in order to facilitate student exchange in medical education.

Guests from Pakistan together with the head of the department of international relations of the institute Salakhiddinov K., got acquainted with the educational process and the conditions for students.

Initially, they got acquainted with fully equipped Simulation Training Center for 12 directions and lecture halls. In addition they have visited the Informative Resource Center of the Institute with the open book fund, computer rooms and book printing equipment.

The guests from  Pakistan were very interested in the process of attracting foreign students to the Institute during the visit. At the end of the visit, it was agreed to sign a mutually beneficial student exchange agreement.