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18:04 23.01.2020

 In order to strengthen public health and organize medical examinations at the local level by qualified specialists at the initiative of “Adolat” Social Democratic Party on January 22, 2020, in the 2-RMU, a comprehensive medical examination was carried out by professors and teachers of Andijan State Medical Institute in the medical association at Khortum gathering of citizens of Andijan district.

22 employees of Andijan State Medical Institute composing 14 specialties participated in the comprehensive medical examination. The working group examined 1075 citizens, 568 of whom underwent an in-depth medical examination and received the necessary recommendations. 11 citizens received referrals to medical facilities of the region, 12 – to district medical facilities. 90 ultrasound and 94 ECGs were also performed. 2 citizens with disabilities received home medical care.

According to the Decree of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 4063, in order to improve medical literacy of the population, a seminar was also held on the prevention of diseases and leaflets on the prevention of diseases were also distributed.


Responsible person for medical treatment, ASMI