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17:35 19.12.2019

In order to improve public health and organize professional medical examinations, on the initiative of “Adolat” Social Democratic Party, on December 18, 2019, an on-sight comprehensive medical examination was organized by leading professors and teachers of Andijan State Medical Institute at the Medical Unit located in Hortum RCG “Guzar” Mahalla Citizens’ Gathering (MCG) of Andijan district.

Medical examination was carried out by 26 employees of 14 specializations. A total of 568 citizens were examined, 214 of them underwent deeper medical examination and received the necessary advice and medical assistance.

During the examination, 16 patients were given directions to regional medical institutions, and 9 patients were sent to regional hospitals. Also, 92 ultrasound investigations, 89 ECGs were performed and the necessary recommendations were given. 4 patients with disabilities were provided with medical care at home and given the necessary consultation.

At the end of examination, according to the fulfillment of the tasks put forward in the Presidential Decree No. 4063, a seminar was held on the prevention of noncommunicable diseases among the population. All those present received booklets on this topic.

Translated by N.Mamatova