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In Andijan held a solemn military parade dedicated to the Day of "Memory and Honor"

15:20 10.05.2019

May 9. Glorious triumph of the great victory in the Second World War. The Day of Memory of our compatriots who gave their lives for the peaceful existence of the people, the Motherland, their native country.

Now this day is also celebrated as the Honoring of the elderly and adults working for the benefit of the people.

On  May 9, 2019, our compatriots celebrated festively with great enthusiasm. Everyone gathered for a military parade on Babur Square at the center of Andijan.

There were military vehicles of military units, soldiers, employees of regional organizations and institutions, students.

In connection with the holiday, a start was given for a military march.

Our compatriots, with boundless pride in their hearts, joy in their eyes, hope and faith for the future, began a massive parade on Babur Square.

Young people with flags and mottos in their hands joined the general ranks of the marchers.

At the military parade, the rector of  Andijan State Medical Institute M.Madazimov, deans and deputy deans, teachers of the military department, cadets and students showed their military abilities.

Among them, students of Therapeutic, Pediatric and Dental faculties showed their activity.

The festive procession passed through the streets of Amir Temur, then along A.Navoi Avenue, after passing the building of the khakimiyat, continued to the Memory Square. On the square near the monument, they honored the memory of the soldiers who died in the Second World War.