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11:52 13.05.2019

On May 11, 2019, Islam Mohammad Nazrul, the representative of the Sharda University in India visited Andijan State Medical Institute. The guest was welcomed by the rector of ASMI, professor M.Madazimov, vice rector for Academic Affairs, professor A.Arzikulov, head of International Relations Department, docent K. Salohiddinov and other professors and teachers of the institute. During the visit, the Indian guest was accompanied by the rector of Andijan Machine-Building Institute U.Salomov.

In the interview, organized by the Department of International Relations, the rector of ASMI  M.Madazimov told about the history of the institute, structural aspects of the institute, the current educational processes, changes in the training of modern specialists as well as innovations in the organization of joint faculties, branches and centers on training and treatment.

During the conversation, the rector of Andijan Machine-Building Institute U.Salomov, also noted the scientific potential and rating of the institute in the field of education and medicine in the country and abroad. Vice rector for Academic Affairs A.Arzikulov and Head of International Relations Department K.Salokhiddinov, in their turn, expressed their opinions about students’opportunities to study and their living conditions, curriculum, as well as extensive activities of the department, students and academic exchanges, changes in the next academic year and exchanged views on bilateral cooperation.