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11:25 22.11.2018

        On November 5, 2018  the professor-physiologist Sohg Dae Kyu from Dongsang Medical Center at Kemyung University together with the gastroenterologist, professor Cho Kwangbum and translator-coordinator Chung Sungjin visited Andijan State Medical Institute.

        Rector of the institute M.Madazimov, head of International Relations Department D.Abdukadirov, pro-rector on academic affairs A.Arzikulov, pro-rector on Youth Affairs and other officials welcomed the Korean guests.

                Talks with Korean specialists on teaching, methodological, scientific and practical activities as well as on international cooperation have been held at the Department of International Relations of the Institute. During the dialogue, the sides exchanged views on today’s events in Andijan, wide-ranging works on education, science, innovation, treatment and cooperation in the field of endoscopic surgery. After signing the mutually beneficial agreements, the guests were given souvenirs.

         Experts visited the simulation training center of the institute and got acquainted with the created conditions and practical educational processes. They gave their advice and  recommendations to the staff of Simulation Laboratory and students.

         After that, the Korean delegation attended the meeting, organized in the scientific conference hall of the Institute, where they expressed their opinions and suggestions on the further development of cooperation in the field of medicine as well as in the machine-building.