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Meeting devoted to the “elimination of family discrimination”

11:43 30.11.2018

The event was opened by the Pro-Rector for Youth Affairs P. Askhanov and he spoke about the care and attention shown to women in our country, their rights and freedoms.
After that, the director of Rehabilitation Center of the Regional Committee on Women’s Affairs, H. Mirzarahimova, made a presentation on the theme “SEDAW International Convention on the Elimination of Women Discrimination ”.

In her report she gave an explanation of the content, structure, sections and articles of this concept. Also, she stressed the high attitude towards families and women in Uzbekistan, the need to strengthen advocacy work to eliminate discrimination of women’s rights. During the event, the students were shown a thematic video.

Executive director of the Regional Red Crescent Society A. Uzokjonov, specialist of the “Mehrim Sizga” Rehabilitation Center of Andijan Red Crescent Society H. Boltaboeva, chairman of the Women’s Affairs Committee of ASMI M. Juraeva also expressed their views on the value of women in the family, about preparing young people for family life.

The event was attended by deputy deans of pediatric and therapeutic faculties, tutors and students.