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Meeting with group leaders

10:00 16.09.2019

At the conference hall of  Andijan State Medical Institute the meeting of the group leaders  was held. The meeting was attended by the rector of the institute, pro-rectors, deans, heads of departments. At the beginning of the meeting the rector of the Institute  Madazimov M.M briefed the students on the construction and repair work carried out at the Institute on the occasion of the new academic year. In his speech, the rector explained the reason for the increase in the amount of contract-fees on the new academic year.

In particular, as a major factor in the increase in the cost of contract-based services by 18%, higher education institution spending increased by 74% compared to higher salaries, utilities and other costs of higher education. Increased student enrollment from 9% to 20% in the 2018 academic year. Despite the 18% increase in pay and tuition fees, one year student’s tuition is partially covered by an average of 68%.  Provide up to 50% of scholarships to students who are good at assimilating and actively involved in academic and public affairs, the disabled students , children from low-income families, students in need of social support would also receive a scholarship from the university.

At the meeting, group leaders received answers to their questions. In particular, if the full year’s tuition fee is paid, scholarships may be repaid or transferred to next year, and students who do not receive scholarships may receive incentive money, and the pay-as-a-month scholarship will apply to both students and students without scholarships.

At the leaders’ meetings were also discussed issues related to students’ speech, communication, dressing culture, learning disabilities and problems.


Press secretary of ASMI