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Seminars by docent of the St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy

09:26 09.12.2019

On November 25-30, the lectures and seminars were held at the Department of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology of Andijan State Medical Institute.

At the Department of Infectious Diseases V.S.Turitsin conducted practical training on «Diagnosis of Parasitic Diseases», «Parasitic Diseases», «Leishmaniasis», «Malaria» for the students of group 504 of the Professional Education direction.

During the seminar, students received information on modern methods of diagnostics of parasitic diseases, as well as acquired new knowledge about the clinical manifestations of these diseases, features of treatment and modern treatment methods.

In addition, he delivered lectures to 4th year students of the Pediatric faculty on «Lambliozes», to the 6th year students of the Faculty of Therapy on » Helminthiases «, «Intestinal Protozoosis». At the end of his visit, docent V.S. Turitsin deliverd lectures to students at the Department of Microbiology on  «Leishmaniasis» and «Malaria.» The staff of the department, residents and clinical interns also participated in the lectures.