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“Students’ dormitory is my home”

18:08 19.12.2019

Studentship is a golden time. It is full of unforgettable moments. Living in a hostel, away from the family, the student receives life experience. The hostel is a place where the good and bad, positive and negative sides of students are manifested. If a student gains respect in a common house, then he will find his place in life and at work.

In the hostel of Andijan State Medical Institute, all conditions for living and studying are created. Circles were organized for students to spend their free time meaningfully. In order to identify capable students living in the hostel, on the eve of the New Year, a competition titled «Students’ dormitory is my home» was held.

The competition was held among 4 teams under 5 tasks. The first task was devoted to the festive decoration of the floors. The jury members (deans of the institute) drew attention to the cleanliness, decoration of the halls.

The second task is the preparation of national plov. The students prepare the dishes themselves. Students fulfilled these conditions with pleasure. Among the students there were many “self-confident” cooks. Their skills were judged by the jury.

The third task of the competition was held in the form of sports competitions. Sports competitions were very interesting with the participation of many students. It should be noted that the students enjoyed fulfilling of the 4-5th tasks of the competition. The performance of dances and songs left a great impression on everyone.

The competition covered all 5 initiatives put forward by our President. Participants of the contest «Students’ dormitory is my home» were encouraged by the leadership of the institute.

Every participant showed abilities and talent. And that was the main goal of the competition. Most importantly, students of the hostel of ASMI spent their time enjoyable and meaningful.

Translated by N.Mamatova