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The 683th anniversary of the Amir Temur`s birth has widely celebrated in Andijan State Medical Institute

17:14 09.04.2019

On April 9, in Andijan State Medical Institute held an event dedicated to 683 anniversary of Amir Temur. This event was organized in cooperation with the department of work with youth, spirituality and enlightenment, employers of the department of Social and humanitarian sciences and the students of 105th group of of the therapeutic faculty.       The event was opened by pro-rector on work with youth P.Askhanov and talked about the life of the great commander and statesman.

After that, the literary and art composition which was prepared by the students was introduced. A group of students made a speech about the honored politician, humanitarian figure – Amir Temur’s personality, life and activities, interest of the world’s people in his personality, the views of well-known scholars about Amir Temur and his good deeds. They gave full information about his management of public affairs, care for people’s peace and prosperity, good and fair activities.

Amir Timur’s life and work scenes, and complex exercises  of students in military uniforms made a great impression on everyone. Especially the songs that complimented the native Homeland, the peaceful, tranquil and prosperous life of the students caused the love and pride to this homeland.

In the lobby of the Institute an exhibition of the books dedicated to the birth of Amir Temur has been organized by the Informative Resource Center of the Institute.