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The khakim of Andijan region conducted event on “The School of Life” at Andijan State Medical Institute.

11:23 04.10.2019

In order to conduct an open dialogue with young people, the khakim of the region Shukhratbek Kushakboevich Abdurakhmonov visited Andijan State Medical Institute. Symbolically, this conversation was called «The School of Life.»

At the beginning of his visit, the khakim got acquainted with the conditions created for students. He attended practical classes in 12 areas held at the simulation center, tested the students’ knowledge and saw how they mastered medical skills. In the conference hall of the institute, khakim talked on the topic “The School of Life”. The main emphasis was placed on strengthening marriage and family relationships.

In his speech, the khakim of the region emphasized that graduates of Andijan State Medical Institute work not only in medical institutions throughout the republic, but also throughout the world and urged students to follow this tradition and follow their example, glorifying their native institution with their work. In addition, during the conversation, the topics of reforming the education system, providing the population with residential buildings, as well as a set of measures to improve the welfare of the population were raised.

The governor emphasized that young people studying in universities should not only be highly educated specialists, but also be mature people who can take life lessons and answer any questions of society. He stressed the need to follow the discipline and regular participation in classes. The khakim noted with regret that some parents marry daughters very early. As the population of our region is very dense, family breakdown hurts not only husband and wife, but the whole family, makes children orphans, affects the environment and neighboring community.

Sh.K. Abdurahmanov urged students who are an active part of the society to pay serious attention to marriage. Recognizing the high demand for medical professionals, he wished good luck to future doctors. Students thanked the khakim of Andijan region for his meaningful talk on “The School of Life”. They promised to do everything in their power to justify the trust of the khakim, as well as the trust of their parents, our generous people and the President.

After the talk, a group of students surrounded the khakim of Andijan region Sh.K. Abdurahmanov in the lobby of the institute. Here the friendly conversation continued. The students had a long conversation with khakim and discussed various issues related to youth.

We believe that “The School of Life” conducted by the khakim of Andijan region, Shukhratbek Kushakboevich, was the most meaningful and most effective lesson for the students of the Institute.

Odiljon KARIMOV,

      Press secretary of ASMI

Translated by N.Mamatova