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The presentation of the book "Youth Education and National Values" was held

09:24 16.07.2020

The online presentation of the book «Youth Education and National Values», published by the staff of  Andijan State Medical Institute was conducted by pro-rector on Work with youth P.Kh. Askhanov.

At the online presentation, which was attended by professors and students of the Institute, the rector of the institute, Professor M.M. Madazimov spoke about the importance of upbringing and educating young people in the pandemic, spiritual and educational activities.

The book «Youth Education and National Values» contains more than a hundred articles by scientists and professors of Andijan State Medical Institute on the heritage of our ancestors, great scholars of the Uzbek people, human qualities, spirituality, youth education.
P.Kh.Askhanov, pro-rector on work with Youth of the Institute, informed   that the book  is published in two parts, the articles contained in it can be widely used in spiritual and educational events of the institute.

The participants of the presentation shared their views on the handbook «Youth Education and National Values». During the event, it was noted that the electronic version of the spiritual and educational manual will be delivered to all the departments.

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