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The rector of Andijan State Medical Institute met with the first-year students

16:22 02.04.2019

On April 1, 2019 in the 1st and 2nd lecture hall of Andijan State Medical Institute the rector of the Institute M.Madazimov met with the 1st-year students of the faculties of therapy, pediatrics, dentistry, higher nursing, professional education, preventive medicine, pharmacy and had an open discussion with them.

The rector of the institute spoke about the changes taking place in our country, consistent reforms, care and opportunities for the youth. In particular, he emphasized the conditions created for the students at the institute and said that all these opportunities should be used properly and efficiently. He also stressed that students should be able to master all subjects and daily lessons in order to be good specialists and skilled doctors. He said that students should use textbooks correctly, read books, learn foreign languages, and certainly have netbooks, laptops and tablets.

In addition, he also emphasized the importance of regular attendance of students in the Scientific Societies in many subjects, urged to develop their interest in music, art, theater, reading and all kinds of sports, to become a propagator of healthy life.

During the meeting, the rector of the institute gave a number of advices and encouraged the students to use their opportunities more efficiently, to be more active and to pursue their goals. He also asked about their interests, suggestions and comments.         The meeting with the rector of the institute was open, sincere and friendly.         Pro-rectors, deans of the faculties, deputy deans also participated in the meeting.