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We support our youth both spiritually and economically

15:46 16.09.2019


Our country pays special attention to the development of the younger generation as fully developed people. In primary and secondary schools our children receive free education. We must acknowledge this opportunity and conditions. In addition, we can proudly note, that our young people – students of higher educational institutions – have been studying science and art and are making great strides. This is a response of the youth of our country to the care and conditions provided by our government.
Looking around the world and analyzing the education system of foreign countries, we can see that many countries, including developed countries, have a fee-based education system. This is not a negative point, on the contrary, it increases the responsibility for both the educator and the student and helps to improve the quality of education.
These are the factors that are envisioned for the introduction of fee-based education in higher education system of our country. We must pay special attention to this issue.
As a major factor in increasing the tuition fee by 18% in the new academic year, which has been widely discussed, taking into account the increase in salaries, utilities and other maintenance costs in higher education institutions, the growth of expenditures by higher education institutions by 74% has been noted.
At the same time, higher education coverage with young people increased from 9% to 20% in the 2017/2018 academic year. Increasing student enrollment  means additional costs for building the capacity of teachers and educational facilities in higher education institutions.
It is also worth noting that, according to economic estimates, despite 18% increase in tuition fees compared to the 2019/2020 school year, this only partially covers the cost of expences, i.e. 68% per student per year.
In the current academic year, studies with and without scholarships will be fully operational. A stable scholarship in the amount of 400,000 soums will be provided to both students of the state budget and contract-based ones.
In order to support students, the students with good academic results and activities in the social life of the institute may be eligible for a reward in the amount of 50 percent of the scholarships. These incentive funds are allocated from the state budget for students studying under the grant, as well as for those who are on a contractual basis from the fund organized in every institute.
If contract-based students are rated “4” and “5”, they will receive up to 50 percent of the proceeds from the fund set up at the university. This means that the motivation for a good student will be retained.
The amount of scholarships for students who receive special named scholarships will be retained. Scholarships are also provided for students with disabilities, children from low-income families and students in need of social protection.
It is worth noting, that the number of people wishing to pursue higher education in the country is high. The 2019/2020 school year is a great opportunity for them to fulfill their wishes. Giving the students the opportunity of monthly payment of contract fees is also a good chance for young people who want to pursue higher education.
Students studying under a state grant should be denied scholarships if they receive below 30% of the rating. It is unlikely that students with such a low score can become a good specialist.
This year, applicants who wish to enter higher education institution were provided with a wide range of opportunities – for instance, the opportunity to take exams at different directions or several universities at the same time.
I am confident that our young people who want study and get a higher education will benefit from these opportunities. And our government will continue to support our young people both spiritually and economically.

Madaminjon MADAZIMOV

Rector of ASMI, Professor

Translated by N.A.Mamatova