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What has changed in the healthcare system these days?

14:12 17.07.2020

Minister of Health Alisher SHADMANOV shared his conclusions after a video conference on the pandemic situation in Tashkent and the Tashkent region and the upcoming reforms in the near future, held yesterday under the leadership of the President:
Currently, the country has registered more than 14 thousand people with coronavirus. More than 8 thousand people have recovered. Nowadays, 6054 patients are being treated in hospitals. These are mainly citizens of  of Tashkent city  and  Tashkent region.
At the meeting, the President criticized mistakes and shortcomings in the services provided to patients and gave instructions to eliminate them. To eliminate the late arrival of ambulances, additional teams will now be formed at each ambulance station, which will be provided with cars and appropriate personnel.
It was also indicated, in order to improve the quality of medical care provided to the population, to provide polyclinics with additional cars and provide emergency and high-quality care to patients undergoing treatment at home.
It was instructed to involve scientists and specialists of higher educational institutions and republican centers in the treatment. To eliminate discontent and panic among the population, it is indicated to increase the number of Call-centers for emergency medical care and the number of their employees.
Yesterday, 200 thousand Japanese-made AVIGANT preparations were imported into the republic. An order was given to organize a special headquarters in each district and provide the population with a reserve of medicines.